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Dreading the Spring? We understand the discomfort of seasonal allergies - watery eyes, sneezing, runny nose. Let our team guide you to find the right treatment for your symptoms so you can enjoy the seasons
Allegra 60mg 30 Tablets
Allegra 60mg 60 Tablets
Cetirizine 10.00mg 30 Tablets
Cetirizine 10.00mg 90 Tablets
Flonase 50mcg 1 bottle
Flonase 50mcg 2 bottles
Flonase 50mcg 3 bottles
Kenalog Aerosol 63gm 1 Aerosol
Nasacort 55mcg 1 bottle
Nasacort 55mcg 2 bottles
Singulair 10mg 30 Tablets
Singulair 10.00mg 60 Tablets
Singulair 10.00mg 90 Tablets
Triamcinolone Acetonide 0.025% 60.00ml 1 Bottle Of Lotion
Triamcinolone 60.00ml 2 Bottles of Lotion
Triamcinolone 60.00ml 3 Bottles of Lotion
Triamcinolone Acetonide 0.025% 15.00gm 1 Bottle Of Ointment
Triamcinolone Acetonide 0.5% 15% 1 Ointment
Triamcinolone Acetonide 0.1% 15.00gm 1 Tube Of Ointment
Zyrtec 10mg 30 Tablets
Zyrtec 10mg 90 Tablets

Anxiety/ Panic Attacks

Feelings of hyperventilation, fear, or losing control may be the signs of anxiety (or panic) attack. These serious symptoms generally come on quickly and may last for hours. Anxious episodes are very real and can be treated. Speak with our doctors to learn about how we can help
Amitriptyline 25.00mg 30 Tablets
Amitriptyline 25.00mg 90 Tablets
Amitriptyline 50.00mg 30 Tablets
Amitriptyline 50.00mg 90 Tablets
Amitriptyline 75.00mg 30 Tablets
Amitriptyline 75.00mg 90 Tablets
Amitriptyline 25.00mg 60 Tablets
Amitriptyline 50.00mg 60 Tablets
Amitriptyline 75.00mg 60 Tablets
Amitriptyline 100.00mg 30 Tablets
Amitriptyline 100.00mg 60 Tablets
Amitriptyline 100.00mg 90 Tablets
Amitriptyline 150.00mg 30 Tablets
Amitriptyline 150.00mg 60 Tablets
Amitriptyline 150.00mg 90 Tablets
Amitriptyline 10.00mg 30 Tablets
Amitriptyline 10.00mg 60 Tablets
Amitriptyline 10.00mg 90 Tablets
Buspirone 5mg 30 Tablets
Buspirone 5mg 60 Tablets
Buspirone 5mg 90 Tablets
Citalopram 20.00mg 30 Tablets
Citalopram 20.00mg 60 Tablets
Citalopram 20.00mg 90 Tablets
Citalopram 40.00mg 30 Tablets
Citalopram 40.00mg 60 Tablets
Citalopram 40.00mg 90 Tablets
Cymbalta 20mg 60 Capsules
Cymbalta 20mg 120 Capsules
Cymbalta 20mg 180 Capsules
Cymbalta 30mg 60 Capsules
Cymbalta 30mg 120 Capsules
Cymbalta 30mg 180 Capsules
Cymbalta 60mg 60 Capsules
Cymbalta 60mg 90 Capsules
Effexor XR 150mg 30 Capsules
Effexor XR 150mg 90 Capsules
Fluoxetine 10mg 30 Capsules
Fluoxetine 20mg 30 Capsules
Fluoxetine 20mg 60 Capsules
Fluoxetine 20mg 90 Capsules
Fluoxetine 40mg 30 Capsules
Fluoxetine 10mg 70 Capsules
Lexapro 10mg 30 tablets
Lexapro 10mg 60 tablets
Lexapro 10mg 90 tablets
Lexapro 20mg 30 tablets
Lexapro 20mg 60 tablets
Lexapro 20mg 90 tablets
Paroxetine 10.00mg 30 Tablets
Paroxetine 10.00mg 90 Tablets
Paroxetine 20.00mg 30 Tablets
Paroxetine 20.00mg 60 Tablets
Paroxetine 20.00mg 90 Tablets
Paroxetine 30.00mg 30 Tablets
Paroxetine 30.00mg 60 Tablets
Paroxetine 30.00mg 90 Tablets
Paroxetine 40.00mg 30 Tablets
Paroxetine 40.00mg 90 Tablets
Paroxetine 10mg 60 Tablets
Paroxetine 40mg 60 Tablets
Prozac 20mg 30 Capsules
Prozac 20mg 60 Capsules
Prozac 20mg 90 Capsules
Prozac 40mg 30 Capsules
Sertraline 100.00mg 30 Tablets
Sertraline 100.00mg 60 Tablets
Sertraline 100.00mg 90 Tablets
Sertraline 50.00mg 30 Tablets
Sertraline 50.00mg 90 Tablets
Zoloft 50mg 30 Tablets
Zoloft 50mg 90 Tablets
Zoloft 100mg 30 Tablets
Zoloft 100mg 60 Tablets
Zoloft 100mg 90 Tablets

Ankle(s) Swelling

swelling, turgescence or tumefaction is a transient abnormal enlargement of a body part or area not caused by proliferation of cells.It is caused by accumulation of fluid in tissues.
Clonidine 0.1mg 60 Tablets
Clonidine 0.1mg 120 Tablets
Clonidine 0.2mg 60 Tablets
Clonidine 0.2mg 120 Tablets
Clonidine 0.1mg 10 Tablets
Clonidine 0.2mg 10 Tablets
Clonidine 0.3mg 120 Tablets
Clonidine 0.3mg 60 Tablets


There are over 100 different forms of arthritis. This joint disorder can be extremely painful. Speak with our doctors about your joint pain to help us diagnose the type of arthritis you may have so that we can help relieve your pain
Zoloft 50mg 30 Tablets
Zoloft 50mg 90 Tablets
Zoloft 100mg 30 Tablets
Zoloft 100mg 60 Tablets
Zoloft 100mg 90 Tablets
Celebrex 100mg 30 Capsules
Celebrex 200mg 30 Capsules
Celebrex 200mg 90 Capsules
Celebrex 50mg 60 Capsules
Celebrex 400mg 60 Capsules
Ibuprofen 600.00mg 30 Tablets
Ibuprofen 600.00mg 60 Tablets
Ibuprofen 800.00mg 30 Tablets
Ibuprofen 800.00mg 60 Tablets
Ibuprofen 400mg 30 Tablets
Ibuprofen 400mg 60 Tablets
Ibuprofen 800mg 90 Tablets
Naprosyn 375mg 30 tablets
Naprosyn 375mg 60 tablets
Naprosyn 500.00mg 30 Tablets
Naprosyn 500mg 60 tablets
Naproxen 375.00mg 30 Tablets
Naproxen 375mg 60 Tablets
Naproxen 500.00mg 30 Tablets
Naproxen 500.00mg 60 Tablets
Voltaren 1% 100gm 3 Gel
Voltaren 1% 100gms 1 Gel
Voltaren 1% 100gms 2 Gel
Voltaren 1% 100gm 3 Gel
Voltaren 1% 100gms 1 Gel
Voltaren 1% 100gms 2 Gel


Acyclovir 400.00mg 30 Tablets
Acyclovir 400.00mg 90 Tablets
Acyclovir 800.00mg 30 Tablets
Acyclovir 800.00mg 90 Tablets
Acyclovir 5% ointment 15.00gm 1 Tube
Acyclovir 5% ointment 15.00gm 2 Tube
Acyclovir 400mg 60 Tablets
Acyclovir 400mg 70 Tablets
Acyclovir 400mg 120 Tablets
Acyclovir 800mg 20 Tablets
Acyclovir 800mg 35 Tablets
Acyclovir 400mg 15 Tablets
Zovirax cream 5gm 5.00% 1 Tube
Zovirax 400mg 60 Tablets
Zovirax 400mg 70 Tablets
Zovirax 400mg 120 Tablets
Zovirax 800mg 20 Tablets
Zovirax 800mg 35 Tablets

Acid Reflux/ GERD

Heartburn affects approximately 40% of the US population. Persistent and chronic acid reflux can be diagnosed as GERD. We are able to provide several different treatment options to reduce this type of long term heartburn
Aciphex 20.00mg 30 Tablets
Aciphex 20.00mg 60 Tablets
Aciphex 20.00mg 90 Tablets