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High Blood Pressure

High blood pressure, also known as hypertension can lead to stroke, heart attack, and other serious conditions. Our team of experienced doctors and nutritionists can help guide you towards reducing your blood pressure with lifestyle and medication recommendations
Altace 5.00mg 30 Capsules
Altace 10.00mg 30 Capsules
Altace 10.00mg 60 Capsules
Altace 10.00mg 90 Capsules
Cardizem 120mg 30 Tablets
Cardizem 120mg 60 Tablets
Cardizem 120mg 120 Tablets
Cardizem 60mg 30 Tablets
Cardizem 60mg 60 Tablets
Cardizem 60mg 120 Tablets
Procardia 10.00mg 90 Capsules
Clonidine 0.1mg 60 Tablets
Clonidine 0.1mg 120 Tablets
Clonidine 0.2mg 60 Tablets
Clonidine 0.2mg 120 Tablets
Clonidine 0.1mg 10 Tablets
Clonidine 0.2mg 10 Tablets
Clonidine 0.3mg 120 Tablets
Clonidine 0.3mg 60 Tablets

Heart Disease - History

If you are recovering from a heart attack, the prescribed use of certain medications has been shown to improve results. Our doctors are ready to understand your situation and treat you throughout your recovery to reduce the likelihood of recurrence.
Altace 5.00mg 30 Capsules
Altace 10.00mg 30 Capsules
Altace 10.00mg 60 Capsules
Altace 10.00mg 90 Capsules
Lipitor 10.00mg 30 Tablets
Lipitor 10.00mg 60 Tablets
Lipitor 10.00mg 90 Tablets
Lipitor 20.00mg 30 Tablets
Lipitor 20.00mg 60 Tablets
Lipitor 20.00mg 90 Tablets
Lipitor 40.00mg 30 Tablets
Lipitor 40.00mg 60 Tablets
Lipitor 40.00mg 90 Tablets
Lipitor 80.00mg 30 Tablets
Lipitor 80.00mg 60 Tablets
Lipitor 80mg 90 Tablets

Hair Loss

Hair loss in men, sometimes called Male pattern baldness or officially, androgenetic alopecia, is quite common. Some form of hair loss occurs in almost two out of three men.
Propecia 1mg 30 Tablets
Propecia 1mg 60 Tablets
Propecia 1mg 90 Tablets


When you get headaches, do you feel like your head is in a vise? If so, it is probably a tension headache, which accounts for 90% of headaches. Luckily, our team of doctors are able to determine if you are suffering from tension headaches and provide relief.
Amitriptyline 25.00mg 30 Tablets
Amitriptyline 25.00mg 90 Tablets
Amitriptyline 50.00mg 30 Tablets
Amitriptyline 50.00mg 90 Tablets
Amitriptyline 75.00mg 30 Tablets
Amitriptyline 75.00mg 90 Tablets
Amitriptyline 25.00mg 60 Tablets
Amitriptyline 50.00mg 60 Tablets
Amitriptyline 75.00mg 60 Tablets
Amitriptyline 100.00mg 30 Tablets
Amitriptyline 100.00mg 60 Tablets
Amitriptyline 100.00mg 90 Tablets
Amitriptyline 150.00mg 30 Tablets
Amitriptyline 150.00mg 60 Tablets
Amitriptyline 150.00mg 90 Tablets
Amitriptyline 10.00mg 30 Tablets
Amitriptyline 10.00mg 60 Tablets
Amitriptyline 10.00mg 90 Tablets
Butalbital 50mg Acetaminophen 325mg Caffeine 40mg 30 Tablets
Butalbital 50mg Acetaminophen 325mg Caffeine 40mg 60 Tablets
Butalbital 50mg Acetaminophen 325mg Caffeine 40mg 90 Tablets


Are you suffering from blisters around your mouth, lips, or genitals? It may be the herpes virus. We can identify, diagnose, and treat these symptoms and get rid of these painful and embarrassing sores
Acyclovir 400.00mg 30 Tablets
Acyclovir 400.00mg 90 Tablets
Acyclovir 800.00mg 30 Tablets
Acyclovir 800.00mg 90 Tablets
Acyclovir 5% ointment 15.00gm 1 Tube
Acyclovir 5% ointment 15.00gm 2 Tube
Acyclovir 400mg 60 Tablets
Acyclovir 400mg 70 Tablets
Acyclovir 400mg 120 Tablets
Acyclovir 800mg 20 Tablets
Acyclovir 800mg 35 Tablets
Acyclovir 400mg 15 Tablets
Famciclovir 500.00mg 30 Tablets
Famciclovir 500.00mg 90 Tablets
Famciclovir 250.00mg 30 Tablets
Famciclovir 250mg 60 Tablets
Famciclovir 250mg 90 Tablets
Famciclovir 500mg 60 Tablets
Famciclovir 150mg 30 Tablets
Famciclovir 150mg 60 Tablets
Famciclovir 150mg 90 Tablets
Valtrex 500mg 30 Tablets
Valtrex 500mg 90 Tablets
Valtrex 1gm 30 Tablets
Valtrex 1gm 60 Tablets
Valtrex 1gm 90 Tablets
Valtrex 1gm 15 Tablets
Zovirax cream 5gm 5.00% 1 Tube
Zovirax 400mg 60 Tablets
Zovirax 400mg 70 Tablets
Zovirax 400mg 120 Tablets
Zovirax 800mg 20 Tablets
Zovirax 800mg 35 Tablets